Why do wine growers assemble different grapes to make wine?

October 30, 2016
Did you know?

Why assemble grapes?

The assembly allows growers to obtain more complex wines as if they were using a single grape variety. This technique is primarily a way to play on the maturity: one variety to another, grapes do not ripen at the same pace. By mixing several varieties, the winemaker offers the opportunity to bring some roundness to some too tannic red wine, or acidity in a white wine that lacks liveliness. It's also a good way to multiply the flavors, giving each variety of different grapes. For example, a wine made from Grenache which is mixed Syrah will develop a more spicy red wine than a 100% Grenache.

Sylvain Gamard

My name is Sylvain, I'm a 28 year old Frenchman, raised with a passion for wine! 

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