Why and how to spit wine?

October 23, 2016
Did you know?

Why do people spit wine?

The most compelling reason to spit is because you can’t taste wine while drunk. 

At a typical wine tasting event we conservatively taste ~40 wines, each pour is about 2 oz. 

40 wines x 2 oz pours = 80 oz of wine

80 oz / 5 oz per glass = 16 glasses of wine

16 glasses of wine / 2 hours of wine tasting = 8 glasses an hour

There are about 5 glasses of wine per bottle. At that rate I’d average about 1.5 bottles of wine per hour. Or in other words, I’d end up in a coma if I swallowed at wine tastings.

 How to Spit Wine (in slow motion)


Wistia video thumbnail - How to Spit Wine
Source: WineFolly

Step by Step How to Spit Wine

First, make sure you know where the spit bucket is. Then take a medium size sip of wine and swish it around, think mouthwash but with less contact on your teeth. Focus on what you’re tasting as it coats your tongue. You’ll eventually develop your own style for how to swish. At this point you’ll probably want to spit because you have old foamy lukewarm wine in your mouth. Grab that bucket and spit like a sailor. 

An old Spit bucket
Sylvain Gamard

My name is Sylvain, I'm a 28 year old Frenchman, raised with a passion for wine! 

I want to share my passion and the pleasure of wine with you all! 

My goal is to run you through the basics of wine, and show you that this ancient juice has quite a number of interesting stories to tell...

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